Auckland International Limited



The Company is managed by well experienced Board of Directors and Officers having vast knowledge in the field of Company’s activities. The production process are being taken care by well established Managers’ supported by other Staff Members in the field of various stages of production. The Company always maintains cordial relationship with the employees of all categories.

1. Hessian, Odourless, Jute Canvass Tarpauline, Double Warp Cloth & Bags of different width, length and construction as per the specification and requirement of the buyer & end user.

2. Sacks & Bags of various sizes & capacity and Sacking Cloth as per the specification of Indian Standard and according to the requirement of the buyer & end user.

3. Carpet Backing and Scrim Cloth, Matting & Felt.

4. Yarn made of Jute in various conts and weight in Cops and Spools.

5. The Company is capable to manufacture variety of textile made from Jute Fibre for Indigenous and Export market.