Auckland International Limited



The Company is managed by well experienced Board of Directors and Officers having vast knowledge in the field of Company’s activities. The production process are being taken care by well established Managers’ supported by other Staff Members in the field of various stages of production. The Company always maintains cordial relationship with the employees of all categories.


The production unit Auckland Jute Mills is also being managed by the reputed and expert personnel in Jute Industry and assisted by well experienced Managers in each field having the required expertise to run and maintain the Jute Mills. The Mills is working throughout the day and employing about 3000 employees every day in three shifts.

The Auckland Jute Mills is situated along the eastern bank of the Hooghly River within the jurisdiction of Jagatdal P.S. (North 24 Parganas) and occupied a total ground area of approximately 50 Acres, out of which about 10 Acres along the entire length of the river front is developed as a green belt with well grown trees of different species. This is bound by the municipal road along the eastern boundary and the roads branching of perpendicularly from the Municipal Road to the riverside along both northern and southern boundary lines. The Main Mill in which the process of Jute Selection/Softening until Final Finishing was carried on, was situated centrally on the plot of land and measured a ground area of 720’ long north-south and 450’ wide (7.5 Acres under one roof). The range of raw jute storage godowns were situated towards the northern end of the mill facing the Jute Softening, but totally detached over 75’. The Finished Goods Storage Godowns were also built adjoining the southern end of the Main Mill. With the decline in the demand, the manufacture of Carpet Backing Fabrics was closed down in 1980.

The Company procures raw material – Jute, which is an agricultural product and harvested during the month of July to October, from the selected areas according to required quality. The Company has huge capacity to store required quantity in the mills’ godowns.

Presently, the Mill has the rated capacity 100 TPD out of which 30% is quality Hessian Fabrics and the remaining 70% sacking including D. W. Canvas and D. W. Tarpaulins. The Company has good reputation in manufacturing A. Twill Bags and Odorless Tea Bag Cloth are well established in the Jute Goods market. The Company is also producing Jute Felt Cloth, which is rarely produced by another jute mills. In addition to this the products of the Company have a very good reputation all over the world and have exported Scrim Cloth in huge quantity besides Hessian Cloth & Bags, Carpet Backing Cloth and goods manufactured according to buyers’ specifications.

The Mills management has maintained cordial relations with the employees of the Company and very much co-operative towards development and progress of the production, productivity and efficiency and is conscious enough to maintain quality of the specific product. The Mills have a laboratory equipped with all modern technology and all the Staffs are very much knowledgeable to guide the Production Managers time to time to keep the quality of Batches and stage wise manufacturing under well controlled procedure.

The Company is looking towards higher progress in coming years and has taken plan for upkeep of old machineries as well as has installed new machineries. A plan for complete renovation has been taken up result of which will be visible very soon.