Auckland International Limited



The Company is managed by well experienced Board of Directors and Officers having vast knowledge in the field of Company’s activities. The production process are being taken care by well established Managers’ supported by other Staff Members in the field of various stages of production. The Company always maintains cordial relationship with the employees of all categories.


The Auckland Jute Company Limited, now restyled as Auckland International Limited was one of the dozen Jute Mills established at the close of Nineteenth Century by Bird & Helgiers Ltd., one of the erstwhile British Managing Agency Houses of Kolkata. Bird & Helgiers Ltd. had a wide range of industries other than the dozen Jute Mills, such as Coal Mining, Engineering Workshop, Steel Foundries, Paper Mills etc. They were the pioneers in establishing Paper Manufacturing business in the Country and the Titaghur Paper Mills Co. Ltd. commenced regular production in the year 1882 and use of bamboo as the raw materials for the manufacture of pulp was their significant contribution. With the nationalization of Coal Mining in 1973, decline in the demand for Jute Products, coupled with aggressive competition from the indigenous entrepreneurs, Bird & Helgiers Ltd. virtually disposed off their enterprises one by one during Seventies. The Auckland Jute Company Limited, the owner of the Auckland Jute Mills was taken over in July 1970 by Kankarias (the present management) who were earlier engaged in jute broking under the style of Landale & Morgan Limited, Calcutta. Sri Harakh Chand Kankaria, having vast experience in Jute Industry became the Chairman of the Company. Under his leadership the Company scaled new heights and became a well reputed organization and was eventually able to take over the ownership of Ambica Jute Mills in Belurmath area, Howrah and Bally Jute Mills in Bally, Howrah. Now all the jute mills are in well placed position and known all over the country and abroad in Jute & Jute Goods circle of business.

The Auckland Jute Company Limited was amalgamated in the year 1980 with Auckland International Limited, a Company incorporated in the year 1977. The shares of the Company are listed with the Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited, Kolkata. The Company has well reputed and experienced Directors on Board and Officials, having immense knowledge about the Jute Industry.